Will You Be Mine

Will You Be Mine

“Ahh! The meal was yummy and so gratifying. I just feel like having a power nap. I wonder do they add some sedative in our Ceralec? Amay stretched his hands, he felt sleepy.

“Hey, Hold on Champ. I am afraid you may have to postpone your sleep. Just watch there,” whispered little Alia. The curious Amay couldn’t help but look in the pointed direction.

OMG! He almost missed his beat, his jaw nearly dropped when saw her entering the gate, like a fresh breath of air. Clad in Barbie sequin dress, donning a pink head gear, she didn’t look less than an angel.

 “Alia, you are right. She actually fits in the picture of my dream girl. Congratulations Sis! We finally found your sister in law,” cooed an excited Amay; he almost jumped off  stroller.

“Buddy, wait. First, you need to ensure that she is also interested in you. There she is with her nanny. Let’s go.” Alia was definitely smarter of the two.

A nervous yet hopeful Amay went towards his fancy; she was playing with the beads of her walker.

“Hi, I am Amay. Nice to meet you,” Amay stretched his little hand towards the toddler.

“I like you and want you to be my friend,” Amay couldn’t wait. Her green eyes almost pierced his little heart.

The toddler looked at her and replied, “Hi. Nice meeting you but sorry. I don’t like shabby and uncivilized boys like you. She smilingly looked at his dirty clothes and unclean mouth. Without wait, she moved off to another set of friends playing with the blocks.

Haha! Alia’s giggles and laughter felt like loud drums to Amay. 

“ let Mumma pick us back from the crèche then I will show you,” he yelled at his twin sister.


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