Words as Wizards

Moumita Dutta posted under Book Review on 2023-06-22

The book, Words as Wizards is an amazing collection of poems set on various relatable topics and are uplifting in nature. The poet expressed her thoughts in simple words and with much depth that made the poems meaningful and something that I could easily connect to. I felt happy when I won this book at a writing event on Penmancy, for, the cover looked soothing and I was sure the content would be equally good and captivating. In her poem, ‘Speechless Speech,’ she writes about the communication methods of the mute beings, how they display their emotions. She chose a good topic to write on, and with fine choice of words, she conveyed her thoughts beautifully. The poem, ‘Today,’ carried a noble message that we should act today and not keep things pending for tomorrow. She sent a positive message and her expressions made me ponder. As I read further, I found the poems and the topics quite interesting and thoughtful. The flow and choice of words to share her thoughts were smooth and simple, and thus they managed to draw me in. From masks that we adorn, to the challenges we face in life, questions and instances that hit hard, about ambitions, broken dreams, nature, fauna, flora...the author has covered every major aspect of life and penned striking verses to share her thoughts with us.  Poems like, ‘Pen Might,’ and ‘Betrayal,’ had a strong voice and both reached out to me. Both spoke of power; one that can make and the other that breaks. Another one of my favourite is ‘Monsoon Wedding.’ It took me by surprise as I wasn’t expecting it to be a poem on nature. The descriptions of rain after the torrid days, and nature’s bounty was presented in a picturesque way. ‘Cradle’ is another heart-touching poem about a mothers fight to save her unborn child. Here too, the emotions were strong enough to make me feel the thoughts. The author presented her thoughts in simple words, kept the flow free-flowing to make her say clear and easy to read. ‘Thunder Conscience,’ is another impactful poem that is sure to nudge the readers conscience and make them ponder. The words chosen to execute the say of each poem, made them worth reading. Another of my favourite was, ‘The Animal.’ The words were true and impactful. I have shared my favourite lines from the poem so the readers will get motivated to get this book and give it a read.  Take a poem or two at a time; relish and enjoy. As I read the poems, I felt as if the author was taking me through different realms to make me see the varied aspects of life, the bounty and beauty of nature, hear stories of the mute and the suppressed, reminisce the Covid lockdown days,  and then she included some positive and uplifting poems to tell us that there’s hope and light at beyond the dark days. She wrote patriotic poems, be it about the border, India and Gandhi. In her poem ‘Cooking the Book,’ she tells us to be patient and choose our words carefully once we decide to write. ‘The Perpetual Victim,’ is a poem that tugged at my heartstrings. The arrangement of the poems were done in a way so as not to make the reader feel bored about the topics. If one was about the gory side of life, the next one filled with a sense of positivity and inspired me to look forward to the next poem. ‘Vagaries of Life,’ was another stirring poem, true and had a lesson to lean and so it became one of my favourites from this collection. The poem on English Alphabets were fun to read. A very different take, witty, meaningful and hence it was fun to read. ‘The Road Not Taken,’ ‘The Future,’ and ‘Hope,’ are another set of poems which I loved and I believe the readers out there will like them too. The readers, especially the nature lovers like me will enjoy reading the poems like, ‘Sunshine,’ ‘Mother Earth,’ ‘Moon,’ ‘Rain,’ ‘Mist of Nature,’ ‘Nature’s Rhapsody.’ They seemed to be the author’s gift to the readers who love everything about nature. The picturesque descriptions were a visual treat and will simply enthrall the readers. ‘The Boat of my Life,’ and ‘Liberation,’ ‘Resurrection of my Soul,’ ‘Life is Magical,’ ‘The Tears of a Geisha,’ were poignant, and inspirational. I connected to them easily. Poems like ‘Life Goes On,’ ‘Sunny Tomorrow,’ ‘The Brave Wife of a Martyr,’ ‘Mirabilia,’ ans lastly, ‘Prayers’ – each were worth the read and I’m sure the poet too, enjoyed penning them.  The flow, rhythm, choice of words, and the title of each poem were chosen and presented skillfully. Some poems captured my mind and will remain with me for some time. The only thing that disappointed me is the inconsistency in punctuations. One round of editing would do good. Overall, this is a well-written, notable collection of poems that will surely capture minds. Do read the book and share your thoughts with the author. A few of my favourite lines from various poems: When there’s a tussle of brawn and might! There flows the ink of the erudite! I am the mighty betrayal! Said he throwing his conscience away When I rule without rues or qualms, Even the virtuous go astray! Let a Thunder conscience dominate the soul... Let only righteousness be the world’s goal. Do we deserve to be called humans? When we can’t tame the wild animal within. The mountains always stand their guard Hail or storm come whatever may! Let’s all vow to nature embrace And reduce our living pace (Hope)He’s our king the anchor of our soul And resides within us as a kindle of Ray Save us O Lord! From this catastrophe please Give us some solace put us at ease! Words are not just words They can cast a spell Innocuous as they seem In a magic world they dwell! ~*~ Get your copy: