No More Tears

Present day  May 1968 Village Alamgarh, Northern India  I cover my head and stand upright as the calls of the muezzin fill the room. The melodious adhaan which has always filled me with peace, comfort and joy, does little to console me today. I bow toward Kaaba, but my heart and mind are wandering directionless.

You Are Not Alone

Is she not here today? I wondered, as my eyes searched for her.  Coco and I were regulars at the park and I had seen her sitting alone in the corner since couple of days. There was something disturbingly familiar about her eyes. Coco’s woofs showed his impatience, his urgency was palpable. So, I took

Angel of Death

2320–Mumbai She parked the Zawazaki ZX-10R Ninja and looked at her slim wrist-band. “Yessss,” she cheered… from her home in Chennai to office, she had made it in only 15 seconds! I am glad I saved up to buy this winged mean machine. A nasal voice interrupted her self-admiration, “Good morning, madam.” He stood in


I found a love for me Darling, just dive right in And follow my lead……….. I waltzed in breezily, humming… ‘Oh mom! Pleeeeaase STOP! You are killing us….’ shrieked my teenager, rolling her kohl-lined eyes. My loquacious tween butted in, ‘Mom, this is so unfair. You are not even a real fan!’ ‘And, FYI… this

Not My Fault

Disclaimer: This is not a light read. I have not written this intending to entertain the reader. This is the story of my life, one that is replete with dark, unimaginable secrets. I had never thought of opening up in front of strangers, but certain events happening across the world have inspired me, given me

Free to love

I want an unchained world,  where one is  free to love, without restrictions. A cosmos where hands held bold in bliss without fear, worry, afflictions. I wish to see the day when no one  is judged, ridiculed or punished. With hatred kept at bay,  accept one and all. No life shushed, no bloodshed. I dream

The Cut of Innocence

The envelope lay on the table; unopened, ignored. I had received the letter a week ago. Even without reading it, I knew the contents.  Trnngg trnnggg, the incessant ringing of the phone shattered the silence. It was Khaled, my husband.  “My decision is final, you filthy woman”, he barked, banging the phone before I could

A Bleeding Heart

You have been long gone, resting in Earth’s lap I am all alone.  Not a moment lived without missing you. I hear you call me, my eyes search for you. I end up dismayed As it is not you, it’s the voice within. I am still alive  For, I am breathing.  It’s not oxygen It’s

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