Your favourite cartoon/animated character and YOU gang up in an adventure of a lifetime.

This story should be directed towards the audience in the age group of 8-14 years.

Contest Rules and Guidelines-

  1. The event is open to all adults (19 years and/or more) and children (age group 8 years to 18 years).
  2. Proof of age is required for participants below the age of 18 years (scanned photo of your birth certificate/ school id card). Any such entry that is not accompanied by proof of age will be automatically disqualified.
  3. Only one entry is accepted per person.
  4. All stories to be written/submitted in English in FIRST PERSON POV.
  5. Drawings, photos, or any other graphics are not allowed.
  6. The required length of the story must be 500-750 words (exclusive of title and glossary/author notes). 
  7. All stories will be published on our website
  8. Mention the following information along with your story in the body of the email:

a. Full name

b. Date of birth/Age

c. Title of your story

9. Send your story and the proof of age as attachments to marked ‘Entry for CrewToon’ as a word document attachment (.doc/.docx) ONLY.

10. Submitted stories may not be published after the event without permission from Penmancy and should be previously unpublished elsewhere.

Winning Criteria:

1. The winner will be chosen on the basis of votes from the readers.

The voting process for the readers:

  • The option for rating would be given below each story on the website.
  • Readers to rate the story on the basis of 5 (rate it based on the content, language, creativity, prompt and emotional impact).
  • Readers can vote once for each story. Multiple votes do not get recorded
  • Once the rating is given, your vote is recorded and cannot be altered.
  • Writers are free to share the link of their stories on their social media connects to garner more votes.

2. Three adult winners will receive a book sponsored by Shalini Mullick

3. Top 10 young writers (below age 18) will get the book ‘The Crab and the Sea sponsored by 

Contest Timeline-

  1. Event commences: November 12, 2021 8:00 am IST
  2. Submissions deadline: November 15, 2021 8:00 am IST
  3. Ongoing readers’ rating concludes: November 15, 2021 4:00 pm IST
  4. Results declaration: November 15, 2021 8:00 pm IST

If you would like to gain a refresher on flash fiction, please read Tips on Writing Flash Fiction

For queries, write to us at

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