A non-rhyming 40-line poem
(syllable count between 2-10 per line)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Event Rules:

1. Write a non-rhyming 40-line poem. (Note: each line must have 2-10 syllables- Use this link to check your syllable count).

2. All poems must have a title.

3. Poem/s must be the entrant’s original work and entries must not have been previously published elsewhere. NO PLAGIARISM, please!

4. Only 1 entry per writer (or any additional as guest entries) is allowed. Put your best foot forward. Entries that garnered an average score of 7.5 and above will be considered for winning. 

5. The poem would be scored on the basis of an average of the below criterion (out of 10)-

(a) Use of the theme/prompt (10 Points): Originality and creativity in interpretation and incorporation of the theme are demonstrated.

(b) Emotional Impact (10 Points): The poem evokes emotion and allows for a suspension of disbelief.

(c) Message (10 Points): The poem’s message is unique, fresh, and moving.

(d) Form and Flow (10 Points): The poem is structured in a powerful way on the page.

(e) Use of Language (10 Points): The language employed is mined for maximum expression, word choices are creative and effective, figurative language (metaphor, simile etc.) are fresh and unique.

6. Entries appearing on personal blogs or other platforms before the announcement of results stand disqualified from the event.

7. Send your poems to with the subject as “Entry for PenMuse-11” in a word document (entries sent as direct mails will not be considered) along with your bio in 2-3 lines (in the third person) — need not to send if previously sent, lest you need it updated. You may also submit the cover of your poem (optional) and send it as a separate attachment. 

8. The closing date of the event is Septmber 20, 2019 (Friday). Results will be announced on September 27, 2019 (Friday).


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  • Additionally, earn Penmancy Points. Start earning Penmancy Points as soon as you submit a poem. For details of Penmancy Points:
  • The top 3 winners of the event shall be sent the book The Secret of the Palamu Fort by Razi

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