The Deadly Dozen: India’s Most Notorious Serial Killers

The Deadly Dozen: India’s Most Notorious Serial Killers

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A schoolteacher who killed multiple paramours with cyanide; a mother who trained her daughters to kill children; a thug from the 1800s who slaughtered more than 900 people, a manservant who killed girls and devoured their body parts. If you thought serial killers was a Western phenomenon, think again! These bone-chilling stories in The Deadly Dozen will take you into the hearts and heads of India's most devious murderers and schemers, exploring what made them…

The very title of the book is quite inviting. It made me wonder of the crimes that were waiting to be read. Crimes happen around the world and criminals do exist.  Amongst them are few, whose deadly activities gets written in bold, in the history of crime.  This is one such book, where the author has well-picked a dozen character who rampaged to destroy lives. How could they? How did they? 

The Deadly Dozen has the answer. To know about them, their modus operandi and their criminal mind, this book is a must read. If crime files and criminal psychology interests you, then this book will surely grab your attention. The  infamous criminals  were widely spoken of and made headlines for years. The efforts of the law enforcement officials were often challenged by these deadly criminals. Each was deadlier than the other. When I started to read about Gowri Shankar, a.k.a Auto Shankar, I thought none could be as evil as him. All through his life, he was on a killing spree. 

I was wrong. Cyanide Mohan, was worse. Or, maybe K.D. Kempamma was the deadliest. Cheating, betrayal, murder, loot, kidnapping, burning and burying innocent lives, serial killing …Phew! Each topped the other. The flaws in the law system were their best tool. The author has penned each scenario, each event, excellently. The facts were perfectly weaved into tales that had immense visual impact. I witnessed the conviction of Koli and Pandher; I witnessed the murders commited by Thug Behram. Thug Behram- he wasn’t just a thug. Together with his gang, they looted and murdered innocent travelers.  And I was numbed reading the story of Amardeed Sada. What kind of a mind did he have? A devil in disguise. Each crime was more gruesome than the other. I was amazed by the authors capacity to collect every piece of information about the criminals.  Minute details were well taken care of. The language is lucid, and the narration is gripping. I was too engrossed in the events of each crime story. 

This is a must read. The book is absolutely interesting and will keep you hooked till the last leaf.  This is a fantastic and informative compilation of twelve criminals, who dared to carry out crimes that were heinous and lethal. It felt as if I was watching a crime-thriller movie. The stories are definitely gripping and the book is an unputdownable one. One read isn’t enough and the stories will keep inviting you to read them, for one more time. I highly recommend this book to all.

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