Death At Midnight

Death At Midnight

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Published: 12/NaN/2019
Dr. Saksham and Dr. Gita have a flourishing practice in Dindori on the outskirts of Nashik, now famous for its grapes. Their life is thrown in turmoil when Narayan and Rama land up in Vishwas Nursing Home for a complicated delivery. What unfolds at midnight and thereafter, is a nightmare for all of them! Violence is unleashed by Narayan’s friends at the hospital when things take an unexpected turn. The aftermath leaves behind a streak…


Written by a doctor, Death at Midnight is a chilling portrayal of how things can rapidly go downhill in the medical profession.

A seemingly normal delivery develops complications and puts the husband in a situation in which he needs to make an immediate decision. His decision, although wise, coupled with the tragic events of the night unleash a chain of events that are catastrophic. The book aptly chronicles all that ails the medical profession today. The advent of internet has in any case made everyone a pseudo doctor. Don’t we go to the doc for a diagnosis and then argue that the internet said something else? And, I am not talking about the hypochondriacs.

The story is one of violence against doctors. No, let me rephrase that. It is a story of unprovoked violence against doctors. And, we have seen many such cases in India in the last 2-3 years. I am glad that Dr. Paprikar chose this topic to write about because it echoes all that needs to be addressed in order to make the medical community a safe place for professionals.

The characters in the book are well etched out. Narayan and Rama come across as simple village folks, deeply in love. Dr. Saksham and Dr. Gita are the consummate professionals, on the fast track to upward social mobility. Yet, they seem to embody a philanthropic streak. It is evident in the good work that they do. Balasaheb, the wannabe politico has shades of some of the current crop of politico’s that we see in Maharashtra (Not taking any names here!) who’s acts are propelled more by temper and power than by the desire to selflessly serve the nation/people.

Each character in the book has an individual voice. It is easily distinguishable from the others. Each character is introduced in a separate chapter in the book and that gives a reader ample time to identify with the character. 

The cover design of the book is an image of an adult hand holding an infant’s hand. Aah! That image tugs at the heartstrings. The editing is brilliant. The publishing quality and page quality of the book is top notch and the font type and size are easy to read. The language used is simple and it befits the simple folk on whom the book is based. The book is a quick and engrossing read. It is the perfect book to pick up as a companion on a journey, vacation or even the weekend. It is sure to leave with a lasting impression.

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