Author: Mansi Babbar

Before You’re Gone

Pack me in your heart Before you’re gone Let us share one last breath together Let me behold you and caress you Let me make enough warm memories To stay alive for the coming lonely nights Let me believe one last time In the beauty of life You by my side in this cold winter […]

The Winter Beast

Here falls the autumn, And comes the winter beast I wish I could make a blanket of the last summer sun And wrap around me before it comes This one shall hold no mercy For those who lay shelterless on a cold street While some admire its beauty The homeless dread the rise of this […]


“Did he call?” Anu puts a question, knowing Meera will not like to answer. “The weather is nice today.” Meera does not break her gaze towards the sky. Anu knows Meera wouldn’t open up that easily. But Anu wouldn’t give up easily either. They are childhood friends and have been with each other through everything. […]