Author: Natasha Sequeira

The Christmas Miracle

‘Tap, tap, tap!’  Ten year old Jake saw a snow white  pigeon tapping on the window-pane. He gazed restlessly  at the snow white November landscape, then at his feet lying splayed on the bed. Useless. Wasted. That’s how he felt! The landscape appeared to echo this sentiment! Jake was the only child of Marra, a […]


It was pretty cold…I woke up searching for my favourite blanket…I realised my better half had devoured it…I reached in the dark for that familiar metal-glass- plastic item that makes our lives…meaningful…. my cell phone. A cold shiver runs down my spine. I suddenly remember I had left it down at the market for one minute to […]

The Siren

She lay there, splayed in the cold winter night, dark charcoal eyes now wide open in fright, naysayers would claim she didn’t put up a good fight! She was the epitome of beauty and poise, a darling of the cinematic world, and coy; she lived her life and thought with her heart not head, ‘Real […]